"The role of a designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests.”

–Charles Eames


Setting up server automation,
hosting, backend databases,
and custom code adjustments can be overwhelming. I can make it easy and secure for you.

Hi! I'm Nicolas Carvajal

I'm always looking for new boundaries to push.
At the moment, I'm designing and coding for the
AI industry.

GOOD Work Matters.
See what others say about IT.

Carlos Zapata

Senior UI/UX Design at Vazkor Technologies, inc.

“Nick is a fast-paced learner that I have collaborated with on numerous software projects over the past few years. He is always willing to help and eager to learn in order to improve himself and become a valuable asset. I highly recommend Nick for his flourishing skills in software development and overall professionalism."

Chris Morris

Vice President at Globalizer, LLC.

I have worked with Nicolas Carvajal for the past two years on a variety of website, email, and database development projects.  In addition to his professional coding and technical skills, Nic’s energy and enthusiasm for each project is what sets him apart from others.  This approach helps him find creative work-arounds and proactively avoid pitfalls during the dev process. He’s undaunted by tackling new concepts, and his easy-going nature and professionalism makes him a pleasure to collaborate with.

Malissa Aug..

Lead Software Engineer
at Vazkor Technologies, inc.

"Nick has worked with me on building and supporting web applications for our marketing firms clients. He helped build the back end to & On a daily basis he would cater to our clients with software solutions, including API's, 3rd Party Scripts, Code edits and much more for the network of sites they owned. He's a very charismatic and pleasant person to work with. Highly recommended.

Joe Mele

Marketing Director at Globalizer, LLC.

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Nick over 2.5 years and I was particularly impressed by his ability to juggle multiple development projects at once. His skill-set and passion helped us grow at a fast and efficient rate"

Keith E.

Senior Marketing Specialist at Globalizer, LLC.

"Nick was thrown into the fire working for us, with tons of projects to manage and site infrastructure to learn. He has patience, skill, and his ability to work with others is one of his greatest traits. I highly recommend him in his future endeavors."

Vita Buona

Household E-commerce

“Nick is a professional developer and designer, willing to help at all times and clear confusion. He takes his time to learn and care about his client's business as if it were his. He really wants me to succeed, and I can tell every time we talk.


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